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Music makes our lives go round

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

First of all, I wish I could say I come from a long line of musicians but it is only partly true since my mother has shown absolutely no sign of musical talent. Nevertheless, music has always been of great importance in my life. There is no greater joy -she wrote knowing nothing about parenthood or owning a dog- than to discover a new song you absolutely love and will not stop listening to in the following days, months, years.

Also, I know for a fact that at least 70% of you has thought about the "Friends" theme song. It shows just how much music can impact us on a daily basis. How often have you been in a conversation where someone said something that reminded you of a particular song? No? Is it just me? Well it does happen to me, a lot, and I may or may not have been singing a few songs in my mind during one or two (hundred) classes in college.

My point is that music does not only "makes us feel good", or bad for that matter; it is a way of letting go from what goes on in our lives or embracing the best and worst moments we may experience throughout. Music can help heal a broken heart and has been proven to be effective in helping patients with dementia. For example, my grandmother could not recognize us but would light up and sing along when we sang the “Marseillaise” since it was something she had learned at the French Lycée as a child. It can also turn a bad hair day around by making you sing your heart out to your favorite song when you are alone stuck in traffic and casually look on your left to see two policemen looking at you while you realize your window (and theirs) is open.

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