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Since we do not know exactly when everything will be over (I could be talking about the pandemic or life in general and yes: this got dark way too fast), most of us will try to fill our days with new activities or new ways to improve ourselves. My current goal is to finish a 2000 pieces puzzle with my sister without any bloodshed. So far I have only cut myself once: when I first opened the box. As a matter of fact, you may find it interesting that cardboard can hurt as much as paper. A few weeks ago, given that I am an expert at hurting myself with anything and everything, I thought I could safely take an old copy of The Odyssey for some “light reading” on the plane but unfortunately, old paper can still cut.

Incidentally, my lack of foresight is remarkable since I left the book in Madrid and it would have been the best opportunity to finally read at least 35 pages in less than two months. It is not that I am a slow reader but rather that I feel the need to write down every word I want to know the etymology of or those I want to see later how I would translate into another language. In spite of that, that particular copy is in French and it is the language I read the fastest in. Well, usually, at least when the book is about rainbows and unicorns or biochemistry. As you can see my interests can vary just as much as my bank statements.

I have always felt like I do not own a particularly ample set of skills. One I never thought of as an advantage; until one day when one of my college professors kindly explained it to me, is that I can write in a single sentence what many people usually need to express in a full paragraph. That same day he gave me back an essay that, according to him, was worth a 9,7/10 but turned out to be an 8,7/10 due to the fact that I wrote about a thousand words less than the minimum required. That is one of the many reasons how this hidden skill of mine turned out to be a blessing and a curse.

It is during times like these that, on the one hand, some people will make the most of this and proceed to clean, organize and rearrange their whole life and home. They may as well learn a new language, read the books they say they never have time to and call the people they never see. On the other hand, there are those who will relax and think it should not entirely change their life because it will be more stressful that way. As a rule, I refuse to pressure myself by making New Year’s resolutions or by promising to write at least one article a day. I never liked having to do what I was told to. For example, nowadays, if my room is clean it is because I fear one day the Queen of England may come and I do not want her to think I am messy or quirky because of that. Something else may tip her off, but not that. When I was younger it was my OCD “telling me” to do it, otherwise one of my family members would have an accident.

… now that I see it maybe just forget this whole thing and I will look for something else I can contradict myself on for next time.

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