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Updated: Mar 25, 2020

At the moment, Switzerland is not in an official state of quarantine but shoe stores, hairdressers and other non-existential shopping centers are closed. Which is why today I went for a walk on the lakeside boardwalk before going to the grocery store where it felt like people are as gloomy as when winter comes and the sun sets at five. The only people smiling were parents watching their kids play outside and it made me feel happy that not everyone is letting the current situation affect their morale.

The most striking detail in the grocery store, and I don’t think it is just a detail for reasons I shall explain later on, is that there was no music on the speaker phones. As a matter of fact I think they were off. What once was a ringing melody that stuck in your head and had you hum for the following three hours was now a silence heavier than the make up section in my bathroom (when you know, you know). A few days ago, I remember smiling at the fact that what used to be a way to yell at “Brenda” to go to the cheese section or an announcement for a pasta brand promotion was now someone reminding us to keep our distances and wait behind the drawn line at the cash register.

On the one hand, silence is, of course, suitable, appreciated and recommended in certain situation and even I like a moment of quiet from time to time. But, on the other hand and as we are entering uncharted waters, we should at least try to keep our smiles on and not let every bad news ruin our days. I know that many people are suffering from this pandemic, be it themselves or a family member or friend. However, I strongly believe that laughter and joy are a great medicine which is why I will leave a list of songs that bring me joy and happiness; you are welcome to make a suggestion in the comments. For now, I will only share the song that made me smile from ear to ear today, mainly because I have a million songs to go through before I can share them (don't judge me: I just thought about this today).

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