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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Board games, card games and mind games: everything goes! There was a time where we could find entertainment in the smallest of things (i.e. a pebble). Why not use these days of profound boredom to imagine brand new ways of having fun with our families and friends that do not require us to be in the same room?

I just used an app with a friend who is staying in Madrid: it allows you to play drawing or trivia games while video chatting. Since the trivia one was in English and I have too much free time (been looking for a job for months now). We are currently recruiting more of our friends to join in on the fun, well, she is; I only have a handful of them and at times don't appreciate some of them.

Meanwhile, at home, my sister and I come up with all sorts of random games such as the "What am I thinking about?", endless fun when your relatives are relentless cheaters. Other games you can play with your family include the dusty Trivial Pursuit that was laying around since way before you were born. This means that some of the capitals you may have to guess do not exist anymore but it can allow your parents to tell you a little about these good old days.

After your nap, sorry: after your fascinating history lesson, you can try and create your own questions with pieces of paper (cut in the same size!!!) and if you want to make different categories use different colors for the pens or the paper. This will allow you to:

a) Help your children learn about new things while looking for questions to write down.

b) Avoid the whole "we already know the answer since we have been playing this game for the last fifteen days".

c) Personalize the game if you want to create a "Family" category and add questions such as: "On Christmas Eve, who gave mom the same gift she brought them the previous year?" (The answer is: Grandma)

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