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First things first

First and foremost we have to set things straight: I am not a doctor, not here to give my opinion on which government is right or what we should or should not have done to avoid spreading the virus. This being said, I am a translation graduate which means that I have a profound need to exclusively write accurate information with accurate terminology and reliable sources. I know, however, that nobody is perfect and I may be wrong or proven wrong at some point which is why I opted for the "chat option" on this blog-thingy.

Complete facts about the randomly matter:

1. The virus is an outbreak of a pandemic disease, it means that it has spread over a whole country or the world which, in this case, is the latter. I am not here to give any lessons, although I am a stickler for good grammar and vocabulary even though I am not a native English-speaker. The main reason I will be writing in English is to reach out to more people. If, however this goes well, I may consider writing one in French and another in Spanish.

2. There is no need to be scared but it is important to be cautious and conscious. Listen to the authorities as well as reliable sources of informations such as the WHO or the CDC. These are the only words I will be writing about the-reason-we-should-all-stay-at-home also known as Covid-19 or whatever it is called at the time you are reading this.

3. We are lucky enough to live in a world where we can talk to people who live miles away and still see and hear them as if they were right next to us. By that I mean that that thing that sits in your living room or is hanging in your kitchen can still help you make a phone call: use it, same goes for the laptop you will certainly be using to watch movies (those of us who still like the good old TV set may also use it to write about what is going on in their lives, see what I did there?).

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